Hi Robyn

Thank you for your message – it is great that you have contacted us, this is a very common question!

If your oil heater is still in good working condition and suitable for resale use Recycle Mate to find a charity shop or other location nearby accepting donations. You may also consider selling the oil heater on gumtree or another online marketplace.

If the heater is not in good condition many councils can recycle this as a scrap metal item. Our team has completed a quick check on your behalf, please click here for a full list of scrap metal recyclers in your local area.

Please note that your oil heater may be required to be drained of any oil contained in the unit prior to drop-off. If a container is used to capture the oil, you can take the oil and the heater to a Recycle Mate nominated location for special disposal.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for getting in touch. Please feel free reach out if you have any other questions.