Hi Richie

Thank you for your message  – it is great that you have contacted us, this is a very common question!

This little triangle with the number inside is a plastic identification code, not a recycling symbol. Many people don't know this and yes, we agree it can be very confusing.

The number will help you identify a plastic type, but it doesn't automatically mean something can be recycled in your home recycling bin. Often you'll see this symbol on plastic toys and other plastic household items, but your kerbside recycling system is designed to only accept different plastic packaging formats.

#6 expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam should never be placed in your home kerbside recycling bin. It breaks up when compacted in trucks and makes an enormous mess, often becoming a huge litter issue.

Some councils do collect larger foam packaging blocks at community recycling centres. Our team has completed a quick check on your behalf and we have found a location accepting expanded polystyrene in your local area:

  • Baywaste Transfer Station
    Fees & charges apply

Thank you for getting in touch. Please feel free reach out if you have any other questions.