Hi Samira

Thank you for your question. This is understandably a source of confusion - across Australia the guidelines for how to recycle or safely dispose of different types of glass vary widely!

In many local government areas glassware such as drinking glasses, reusable drink bottles, and vases are not accepted in the kerbside recycling bin.

Pyrex and drinking glasses are made with a toughened glass which has a different melting point to the glass used to make bottle and jar packaging. Many glass recycling facilities have expressed that toughened glass in kerbside recyclables can cause imperfections in the final product, causing the flawed glass to go to landfill.

If your glassware is in good condition that’s suitable for resale use Recycle Mate to find a charity shop or other location nearby accepting donations for similar items.

If your glassware is not in good condition or broken this will need to be placed in your general waste bin.

Thank you for getting in touch. Please feel free reach out if you have any other questions.