Hi Jessie

Thank you for the image of your hole punch to assist us with your enquiry.

Hole punches can not be disposed of in your kerbside recycling bin. The kerbside recycling system is designed to handle your everyday packaging waste like food cans, so other metal household items are unable to be processed.

Not all metal products can be recycled in your home recycling bin. Collected with other household scrap metal items your hole punch can be recycled at Cessnock Waste Management Centre.

Otherwise, please dispose of your hole punch in your household general waste bin.

There is a finite amount of metal in the earth so recycling scrap metals preserves natural resources and makes the best possible use of available resources. It requires less energy to recycle metal than manufacture new products using virgin raw materials and it can be recycled again and again.

Thank you for your recycling enquiry. Every question helps us build a stronger platform for providing better recycling solutions in Australia.

Please reach out to us again at Recycle Mate any time with your recycling questions.