Three things set Recycle Mate apart:

1. Recycle Mate covers all areas of Australia. We have catalogued the different bin systems for all local government areas across Australia and geolocated over 40,000 away from home reuse and recycling options. Recycle Mate moves with you so you can use it whether at home, when staying with friends and family or when renting a holiday home.

2. Recycle Mate is driven by what the community wants to know. Every time an item is checked or a question is asked, the feedback is used to grow the search engine. As more organisations and local councils get involved, Recycle Mate continually improves and shares that information back to the community. Every time an item is checked using through the Artificial Intelligence (AI), the AI model becomes more robust and dynamic for all users.

3. Recycle Mate is Australia's most comprehensive recycling app. Most council A-Z recycling guides cover between 50-300 items, the Recycle Mate database includes over 5,000 items. The item database is continually growing through user feedback and updated weekly so it always provides the most up-to-date waste and recycling information.