Hi Janelle

Thank you for your recycling question. How to properly recycle different types of household metal items can be very confusing.

Metal kitchenware and other household items such as drink bottles, cutlery, baking trays, utensils, pots and pans are not recyclable in your home recycling bin. The kerbside system is designed to handle your everyday packaging waste like aluminium and steel food and drink cans, so other metal household items are not able to be processed.

If your metal drink bottle is in good condition that’s suitable for resale use Recycle Mate to find a charity shop or other location nearby accepting donations.

If the drink bottle is not in good condition it can be recycled as a scrap metal item. Collected with other household scrap metal items your drink bottle can be recycled at Malaga Recycling Centre.

Otherwise, please dispose of your metal drink bottle in your household general waste bin.

Thank you for your recycling enquiry. Every question helps us build a stronger platform for providing better recycling solutions in Australia.

Please reach out to us again at Recycle Mate any time with your recycling questions.