Hi Kevin

Thank you for your recycling question.

A pool blanket/ cover is not recyclable in your recycling bin at home. The kerbside recycling system is designed to process your everyday packaging waste like disposable bottles and jars, so other plastic household items are unable to be processed.

We have not identified any away-from-home recycling options for these items, however, if the pool blanket has large areas that are not damaged it is still capable of providing insulation. Consider contacting organisations in your area such as gardening groups, homeless hubs or animal welfare groups to see if these large insulation sheets could be of use. You could also post an ad on Gumtree or an online marketplace for free pickup.

Otherwise please dispose of the pool blanket/ cover in your general waste bin. To prevent the blanket from becoming lodged in your bin you may wish to neatly fold and bag the blanket or cut it into pieces and place into your general waste bin over time.

We hope this helps! If you happen to find any local recycling or re-use options, we would love to hear about it.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your recycling enquiries again any time.