Hi Julie

Thank you for your recycling question.

Sections of solar heating tubing are not recyclable in your home kerbside recycling bin. The kerbside recycling system is designed to handle your everyday packaging waste like disposable bottles, jars and containers, so other plastic household items are unable to be processed.

If you have a small amount of tubing this can be placed in your general waste bin. Large amounts of building waste like this will need to be taken to a facility accepting builders’ waste. Our team has completed a quick check on your behalf and we have found a location accepting building waste in your local area:

  • Benedict Recycling, 171 - 173 Five Islands Rd, Unanderra NSW 2526 Fees & charges apply

You may wish to contact a local wildlife welfare group, botanical garden or RSPCA in your area, they may accept this kind of tubing to make bug hotels or for irrigation purposes. Let us know how you go, if you happen to find any local recycling or re-use options we would love to hear about it!

Thank you again for getting in touch. Please feel free reach out if you have any other questions.