Hi Sharyn

Thank you for your recycling enquiry and for including a photo of your plate. We receive a lot of questions about compostable/ biodegradable eco-packaging and items – it can be really confusing to know how to correctly dispose of items like this!

Sugar cane plates like those in your photo are not accepted in your home recycling bin or your FOGO bin in your local area – the recycling and FOGO facilities receiving kerbside material in your area have both expressed they do not have systems in place to process these types of items.

If you have a home compost system you may wish to place the sugar cane plate in the compost bin as a test to see if it decomposes. Otherwise, unfortunately, the sugar cane plate will need to be placed in your general waste bin so it doesn’t contaminate the FOGO or recycling streams.

Consider using traditional ceramic or plastic plates as a reusable option and just use this type of single-use dinnerware only when completely necessary.

We hope this helps! Thank you again for your email. Please reach out to us again at Recycle Mate any time with your recycling questions.