The AI needs to be fed – it takes at least 1,000 images of any one item to train the AI. To build a dynamic AI model these images need to include photos of ‘rubbish’ or old products that are usually a bit worn out – not in brand new condition as they appear in the shop or online.  Recycle Mate was launched with a range of priority items trained and the AI capabilities are continually growing as more people use the app or get on board to crowd source images by becoming a Recycle Soldier.  The Recycle Mate team spends a lot of time photographing stuff!

The artificial intelligence (AI) is key to engaging the community to seek up to date information about recycling.   Supporting the AI, Recycle Mate also offers a comprehensive search functionality of over 5,000 items, and if you still don’t have any luck, you will have the option to send our team an email with your recycling query.  Items are commonly not found because of the variance in what an item can be called.  The item catalogue is continually growing as items and item aliases are added to help people find what they are looking for.

Our goal is to answer 100% of community questions!