Hi Cory

Thank you for your enquiry. Small plastic items like these are a real source of recycling confusion!

Plastic syringes that come with oral medicine like Panadol and Nurofen can not be disposed of in your kerbside recycling bin in your local area. This item is too small to be processed through the kerbside system and will slip through gaps in sorting equipment.

The kerbside recycling system is designed to handle your everyday packaging waste like disposable bottles, jars and containers, so other plastic household items are unable to be processed.

Consider washing the syringe well and re-using it for dispensing oral medication in the future.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of any other recycling opportunities for plastic syringes like these in your local area so otherwise you’ll need to dispose of it in your general waste bin at home.

Thank you for reaching out to Recycle Mate. Every question like yours helps us build a stronger platform for providing better recycling solutions.